How to Adjust the Binocular Diopter (7 Quick Steps)

how to adjust the binocular diopter

Binoculars are useful and relatively simple to operate. The sole usage of binoculars is to get sharp and clear images at longer distances. However, they can only be useful if you know how to adjust the binocular diopter.

Being a first-time user, anyone can need help with binocular adjustments. You can only enjoy the best view even if you buy the best pair of optics if you know the precise adjustments. Most people are only familiar with using a focusing wheel for a clear image. However, there’s more to it. For this purpose, you must master how to adjust the binocular diopter.

Worry not, as you are going to become a professional birder soon. Scroll through the article and quickly set up your optical.

how to adjust The binocular diopter

How Do Diopter Settings Work

Diopters are usually located in the left or right barrel of the binoculars. These small adjustment rings can reduce the focusing differences between both lenses. These adjustment issues not only impact your viewing experience but also leads to some major issues like headache and other eye issues.

Just like focusing wheels, they are designed to focus the viewing image we see through the lens. However, sometimes both eyes cannot focus simultaneously, leading to differences in both eye lenses. By adjusting the diopters, you can customize the focus of each eyepiece separately.

Kinds of diopters

Before questioning the performance of your optical, make sure that you have properly adjusted the settings. Many people confuse the diopters with the focusing wheel. However, this is different. Even though the purpose is the same, both of them function differently. To quickly adjust your diopters, you first need to differentiate between the kinds of diopters. Following are the two types of diopters:

Central Focusing Binoculars

The diopters are situated in the middle of centrally focused binoculars. It is the most commonly used kind and consists of a single adjustable diopter. The center-focus binoculars enable us to adjust the focus of both sides simultaneously. Further, you can also adjust each eyepiece differently.

Individual Focusing Binoculars

Unlike central focusing binoculars, individual focusing binoculars only adjust each barrel individually. They don’t have any knobs located in the middle. The separate barrels help in delivering a clearer image. Further, they also follow a locking mechanism through which you can unlock and make adjustments anytime.

How to Adjust your Binoculars Diopter Adjustment: 7 Quick Steps

You might be wondering how to adjust the binoculars now that you are aware of the many kinds and settings of the diopters. It is quite a simple process and doesn’t take much time. Follow these 7 simple steps, and you will soon become an expert birder with amazing image-quality binoculars. So, without wasting any more time, let’s dive into this process.

1. Locate the Diopter Adjustment Knob

Firstly, you will have to find the adjustment knob in your binocular. The knobs are usually located near the right eyepiece of binoculars. Some optical have different mechanisms, and they might have locked diopters which you will need to unlock before adjusting.

If you are unaware of the mechanism of your binoculars, turn your adjustment knob. If it doesn’t show movement, your binoculars contain a locking mechanism, and you must unlock them.

2. Open Left Eye, Close Right Eye

Next, look through the lenses with your left eye. Make sure your right eye is covered, and you only use your left eye to see throughout this phase.

Open Left Eye, Close Right Eye

3. Focus Image Using Center Focus

Now, without touching any adjustments of the optical, keep looking through the lenses and focus on a fixed distant object. Use the center focus while doing the process to get a sharp and crisp image.

Focus Image Using Center Focus

4. Open Both Eyes To Check if it’s Focused

You can open both eyes and check the focus. If you don’t observe any differences and the image is sharp and clear, you don’t need to move further. Moreover, there’s no need to adjust anything, and you are good to go. However, if the issue occurs, follow the steps below to make the necessary adjustments.

5. Open Right Eye, Close Left Eye

Repeat the above process, but this time only close your left eye and look through the lenses with your right eye. The purpose of doing this is to keep your adjustment process focused on one eye only.

6. Focus Image Using Diopter Adjustment

To make adjustments, keep looking through the right eye and set the focus using the diopter knob. Make an effort to create an image as sharp and distinct as possible.

Focus Image Using Diopter Adjustment

7. You’re Done!

Yes! It was that simple. After following this process carefully, you will get a clear image and a better viewing experience from both lenses. You can use your binoculars efficiently in this way.


What is a diopter for binoculars?

A diopter is an adjustment ring placed in the right eyepiece of binoculars. They are designed to deliver more focus and clear images through both lenses separately.

How is the diopter adjusted?

The diopter is adjusted in a few simple steps. Cover the right, look through the lens with your left eye, and adjust the focus on a distant object. Repeat the process for the other eye until you get the desired results.

How do I make my binoculars clear?

You can easily clear the image quality of your binoculars by making small adjustments to settings. You can enhance the focus by setting up the focusing wheel or moving the diopter rings.


Whether you are suffering from unclear focus or blurred image problems, you can solve them by making small binocular adjustments. Diopters are small adjustment rings designed to provide enhanced focus. They are used to make focus adjustments on both lenses individually. But for this purpose, you should know how to adjust the binocular diopter.

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