How To Use Binoculars | The Right Way: 2021 Guide

Before knowing how to use binoculars, let me know what is binoculars. Binoculars are magical devices and the next best thing that helps you to see far away things without having to lift a single muscle.

There are a wide variety of uses of binoculars in daily life, such as sky watching, bird watching, hunting, star gazing, security, and so on. Binoculars are basically two telescopes dedicated to each eye that are placed side-by-side on a single frame.

Unfortunately, not everyone knows how to use Binoculars in a proper manner. The primary objective of the binoculars is to look more closely at the target object from a distance. This cannot be done if you do not use binoculars properly. Before using you must choose the right binoculars for the bird is the main job for you.

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How To Use Binoculars

Thus, today’s blog post is specifically about how to operate your binoculars to take full advantage of them.

But, wait!

Before we move on, we need to come to grips with something really important, and that’s the parts of the binoculars to help you understand it better.

Parts Of The Binoculars| An Informative Article

The main parts of the binoculars are:

Objective Lenses

The lenses placed directly opposite the eyepieces are known as the objective lenses. They are far away from the user’s eyes. They capture the available light and then direct it to the eyepiece which allows the viewer to see the object.

Eyepiece Lenses

These are the lenses where you place your eyes to see, and they are slightly smaller than the objective lens. Once the objective lens captures the light to bring it to focus, the eyepiece lenses magnify the image.


While you can’t see them by holding your binoculars, Prisms are a very important part of your binoculars. Prisms are inserted between the objective lens and the eyepiece to rectify the inverted image for you.

Focus wheel

The focus wheel is mostly positioned between the eyepieces and is used to rotate the interior lenses to bring the object into focus. When the focus wheel is in the middle, it’s termed as the center focus. Whereas you can also move it to right or left for side focus.

Diopter Adjustment Ring

It is an adjustment ring found right below the eyepiece lenses. It is used to change the independent focus of each eyepiece according to the specifications of the eye of the user.


Chassis is the external housing of the binoculars, which basically keeps all the pieces together under one roof. The weight and durability of the binoculars highly depend on the material of the chassis.

Parts Of The Binoculars

How To Use Binoculars?

Now, we all have the basic know-how of the construction and parts of the binoculars, now let’s find out how to use binoculars to get the perfect result.

How To Hold The Binoculars?

The first thing you need to learn is to hold the binoculars in the correct way to achieve the full advantage. Luckily, there’s not a single correct way, so you can hold your binoculars however you want. The main thing is to feel at ease while holding them, as often you have to deal with them for a longer duration or in an inconvenient setting.

One way to hold binoculars is by placing hands around the barrels separately, however, it only works well for medium or regular-sized goggles.  Moreover, you can also hold them with only one hand, if your other hand is not free. The main objective is to obtain stable images that you can magnify and focus well.

However, if you have to use the binoculars for an extended period of time, we recommend you invest in tripods for a better and stable viewing experience. The usage of a tripod is beneficial for longer viewing at high magnification.

How To Hold The Binoculars?

How To Focus Binoculars?

The very next thing you need to do after holding your binoculars is to learn how to focus with them. The aim of binoculars is to make it easier for you to see a faraway object more clearly by making it appear bigger as if it is standing next to you. We’ve found that this is one of the biggest challenges that newcomers face.

Before focusing, it’s critical to correctly adjust the barrels of the binoculars with the distance of both of your eyes. You would notice that you have performed it correctly once you see a perfect circle without any dark edges in your sight.

You’re all set to move on, the next step is to select a subject to focus on. Make sure you’re standing at a distance so that you can practice properly. Keep both your eyes wide open and, at the very same time, rotate the focus wheel for fine focusing.

Firstly, close your right eye and start adjusting the focus wheel while you’re only seeing with your left eye. After this shut the left eye and adjust the focus wheel with the right eye open. While focusing with the right eye open, you don’t need to adjust the focus wheel, only the diopter ring.

Keep adjusting until you see the subject clearly with your right eye. After that, open up your eyes to see if the subject is quite clear and focused when you see it with both eyes open. If not, repeat the entire procedure and make minor adjustments until you see clearly.

How To Focus Binoculars?

How To Adjust The Binocular Magnification?

While hunting, you need to magnify your target to find the vital parts to hit, so you should need to know how to magnify properly. Once you’ve found the object and it’s in your focus, the next move is to magnify it according to your requirement.

The binoculars are represented as a combination of two numbers such as 8×40, 10×25, and so on. The first figure is the rating of the magnification, while the latter is the diameter of the objective lens. Larger diameter lenses capture more light to offer clearer and more detailed images. If you need more about magnification read this article.

Some Useful Tips

Now you know how to start off with your binoculars, before moving we want to share some useful tips with you:

  • The first and foremost requirement is to get a stable image. If you are unable to keep your hands steady, do invest in a good tripod for a successful venture.
  • It is essential to be as comfortable as possible in each and every way to make glassing more fun and less exhausting.
  • Try to select the highest vantage point as it enables you to have a 360-degree view.
  • While using the binoculars in daylight, make sure that the Sun is at your back to have a farther and clearer view.
  • Your sense of depth may deceive you and can lead you to search for something larger or smaller than it really is. Therefore, keep in mind what you are actually looking for.
  • Keep your binoculars warm in icy cold weather to prevent fogging.
  • Clean your binoculars regularly to achieve better results. Do not rub them off with your clothing, use the cleaning solution and wiping cloth recommended by the seller.

How To Adjust The Binocular Magnification?

What Are Binoculars Used For

Binoculars are versatile devices that provide a focused and amplified view of remote objects. There are lots of uses of Binoculars, such as hiking, camping, wildlife viewing, bird watching, deer hunting, sky watching, sports, and much more.

Below are some common uses of binoculars in daily life

Professional Hunting

Binoculars are the important hunting gear in which you have to locate prey and tackle it by watching closely. Many wild lives are afraid of human contact and so, to see them, hunters have to avoid getting close to them and the best hunting binoculars come in handy for such occasions. You can find a wide variety of Binoculars for hunting in every category, such as:

Viewing On-Ground Performances

Watching the match from a crowded stand is likely to make you happy and excited. Watching the match closely like that on TV is not an option, however, with a binocular, you can easily see the details on the pitch.

Security Reasons

Binoculars may also be used for security purposes. Guards may use binoculars to look for any potential threat to avoid any danger. The new binoculars provide access to night vision and help to monitor effectively in the dark.

Avoiding Predators in Wild

In the wild, you need to stay cautious of dangerous predators and check if they are entering your camping premises. Binoculars allow you to watch them from distance and take action accordingly.

Gear for Hiking

Hikers also take binoculars so that they can see farthest from the top of the mountains and admire the beauty of nature. They can see their tracks from any range and avoid getting lost and locate other hikers if they’re far away.

Binoculars with Camera

The new generation of binoculars, also known as monoculars, comes with cameras that can record and film at good pixel ratios. It gives benefit to people who do not want to bring a camera with them by allowing them to preserve memories in films that can be posted on social media to let people know about their adventures.


The main aim of the binoculars is to look at a distant object clearly and precisely. More features are incorporated in a modern binocular to make them multi-purpose. Over time, advancement has been achieved in this department to introduce binoculars with LED displays, cameras, strong night vision, and much more.

The most essential feature of binocular usage is understanding how to focus a distant object while holding them in a proper manner. Hopefully, you’ll be able to learn how to use binoculars correctly with the help of this article.

If you are in the market and need to buy a binoculars for yourself then must read this article.

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