Who Invented the Telescope First Time (When & Where)

who invented the telescope

A telescope is among the most significant human discoveries in the world. It is a device with two lenses that help to see distant objects accurately. The first telescope was a low-power periscope that had less visual magnification. Who invented the telescope for the first time? 

It is a misconception that the first telescope was invented by Galileo Galilei because the real inventor of the telescope was Hans Lippershey. Lippershey was a German glassmaker who minimized the volume of light that filled it while focusing it. Other researchers were motivated by his idea to concentrate on improving the telescope.

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Who Invented The Telescope? What is the History of The Telescope

The history of the telescope begins with the creation of optics and spectacles. In the 1400s, Europe adopted the usage of glasses. These weren’t clear, refined, or strong lenses. Also, they were not suitable for astronomical observation due to their flaws.

The ability to cut and polish lenses was enhanced by lens manufacturers in the late 1500s and early 1600s. Around this time, Dutch eyewear manufacturer Hans Lippershey started experimenting with lenses.

Lippershey fitted his telescope with a cover that only permitted a little amount of light to pass through. His efforts to concentrate and focus the light resulted in brighter but still dim visuals.

Lippershey presented Prince Maurice of Nassau with his telescope in September 1608. A week later, Lippershey submitted his novel product’s patent application. As a result of claims of other researchers and glassmakers that they had created comparable products, Lippershey’s patent application was rejected.

who invented the telescope

When did Galileo invent the telescope

After Lippershey, the telescope becomes famous throughout Europe. By the end of May 1609, prominent centers like Paris made it simple to locate and buy the telescope. Galileo took up the Lippershey telescope and started making adjustments. 

The first telescope that was used for space exploration was Galileo’s telescope. Researchers started to create telescopes with higher power and sharper photos over time.

In England, Thomas Harriot was capable of creating a telescope that could magnify objects six times. This indicates this telescope’s magnification was 6x. Thus, the next step Galileo was to create an eight-fold telescope.

Who invented the Telescope

A Dutch eyeglass manufacturer named Hans Lippershey created the first telescope in 1608. After that, he positioned two more convex lenses in line with two more concave viewfinders, one for each eye.

He developed the idea after observing two kids in his shop. They put up two glasses that let a distant weather vane appear closer.

A hitherto obscure glassmaker from Lemwerd called Jan Lippershey developed the most significant telescope model. He replicated another glassmaker from the same city, Zacharias Jansen, according to several independent scholars.

Since Lippershey was the initial person to complete a patent application, many researchers consider him the creator of the first telescope.

Furthermore, it seems that Metius and Lippershey created their ideas independently. Both parties received payment, and Lippershey received more profit for marketing his telescope. Henry IV of France and other members of European high society would later receive his telescopes.

Years later, Jacques Bovedere of Paris became interested in Hans’ telescope. It was quickly discovered by Galileo Galilei, who then started building his own, more accurate models. So, who invented the Telescope first? The answer is Hans Lippershey! 

What were the major issues with the first telescope

Galileo’s first telescope including other telescopes constructed in the 1600s had significant issues. Early telescopes were extremely small and had a restricted field of view. Furthermore, it was almost hard to see anything.

The pictures that emerged in older telescopes would shift out of view or out of range because the eye’s position was not stable. The smaller sizes also caused refractive errors, which prevented the telescope from focusing or aligning the object’s colors.

What are the different Types of Telescopes

After the first telescope was made by Hans Lippershey, there were many advancements in telescopes. Many researchers tried to create the best and more accurate versions of the telescopes. Now three main types of telescopes are given below: 

  • Optical Telescope 
  • Radio Telescope 
  • Infrared Telescope 

What are the different sizes of telescopes 

Also, telescopes are now available in different sizes that can be measured in aperture such as:  

  • Small telescopes having an aperture of more than 100 mm 
  • Medium telescope having an aperture between 100 mm to 300 mm  
  • Large telescope having an aperture of 300 mm and more. 


What did the first telescope look like? 

The first telescope was constructed with long pipes with one or more cylindrical portions. The tube’s components, including copper, cloth, leather ties, and/or glue, could be composed of tin, lead, cardboard, and wood. To enlarge pictures and reflect the light, glossy mirrors, and optics were inserted within the pipes.

What can you see with a telescope? 

You can see all the distant objects and pictures with a telescope such as the moon, the sun, the planets, the stars, the galaxies, and the universe. You can see all these objects with more detail and clarity. 

What are the benefits of utilizing a telescope? 

The telescope can view things that are not usually apparent to the human eye, the capacity to analyze the night sky in better detail, the capacity to analyze the attributes of stars and other space objects, and the potential to view distant things in full depth.


After going through this article thoroughly, you must be informed of who invented the telescope. As many people think that Galileo Galilei invented the first telescope but it is not true. In 1608, the first telescope was invented by Hans Lippershey as he was the glassmaker of optics. The eyepiece of the Lippershey telescopes was concave, and the objective lens was convex.

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