About Us

What do we love? Well, we love optics, fine glass, lasers, film, and anything that make distant objects a little easier to see. We will take telescopes if nothing else is available! This has been a passion for decades and one that just keeps on giving as newer technology arises.

As kids we ran around with cheap binoculars in the many wild places available in the U.S. We graduated to rifle scopes used in hunting and with that, we moved into the world of spotting scopes and rangefinders. While all of those things still lie at the heart of our passion, the world of optics is ever-growing and new technology is just as enticing to us now as those simple binoculars were 30 years ago.

The digital world has opened a whole new world of optics with its own diverse technologies. From trail cameras to the latest digital night vision, this technology makes us eager to explore once again.

So what does all of that mean? We have our hands in every piece of optical technology that we can get in our hands and we want to share them. When we find a product we love, we want to get it out there as soon as we can. When there are new developments, those should be shared with our readers.

This has all led to this site which endeavors to provide articles on all aspects of the world of optics. From the old technology to the state of the art. We want to see the world up close and we want our readers to engage in this same hobby but to do so without all of the costly errors we once made.

We do this by providing a solid knowledge base and a foundation for optics selection. By taking over 30 years of experience and applying it to the current optics market, we can provide insight into the products, technology, and companies that are key to our current world of products.

So no matter if you are a shooter, bird watcher, or just a fan of seeing the details up close, we have what you need. We are always working to make it better and share the most relevant information possible. If you have questions or comments, please reach out to us! We would love to hear from you.


Elliana Rose