Do Binoculars Scare Birds (Birds Lovers Guide of 2023)

do binoculars scare birds

Birding is a great hobby; binoculars make it easier and more enjoyable. However, if they scare the birds away, they become useless and can’t be used for this purpose. One might wonder what can be the solution to avoid this situation.

If you are a beginner, the question might spring into your mind about do binoculars scare birds. If the gadget scares the birds away, it becomes a serious concern. Bird watching is crucial as they are very attentive and innocent creatures, and devices like binoculars may easily scare them away. But if you follow simple precautions, you may quickly become an expert.

In this article, you will learn if binoculars can scare the birds, helping you make a purchase decision. 

Do Binoculars Scare Birds | Know This Before Birding

Yes, Binoculars do scare the birds away once you point these devices toward them. Most people hunt and kill birds using a variety of tools. The innocent birds may sense danger if anything is pointed in their direction. Thus, using binoculars to observe birds would help to use caution.

The birds perceive the binoculars as a threat, especially the larger ones. They believe that someone would attack them using binoculars because of their size and form, which makes them think of them as a weapon or as large eyes. To avoid scaring birds away, follow some tips and buy binoculars suitable for bird watching

Tips for Not Scaring the Birds with Binoculars

If all the birds fly off, using binoculars for bird watching could appear complicated. But it becomes a lot simpler if you approach it correctly. Additionally, you must be careful not to scare these little, helpless creatures away. To avoid this circumstance, follow these tips below:

Wear Neutral Colors

By wearing neutral colors, try to blend in with the surroundings. Clothes that are darker or patterned look brighter and draw unnecessary attention. Moreover, they scare the birds away. Hence they are not recommended.

Avoid Movements

You should avoid making unnecessary movements since it is common to do so to avoid scaring the birds off. It would help if you remained composed and focused when aiming at a bird. Only then will you be able to catch their glimpse successfully?

Choose the Right Size Binoculars

The most important step is picking the appropriate size of binoculars for birdwatching. Typically, smaller binoculars are better for birdwatching since they draw less attention and are less noticeable. They also offer great field vision and magnification. Additionally, it becomes easier to carry them because of their compact size.

Use a Shelter

To avoid being captured by birds, hide behind a natural cover. It’s a good idea to hide behind trees, bushes, or shelters until you adjust to the surroundings. Moreover, it will also help in birdwatching without scaring them away.

Be Patient

Lastly, be patient and try to understand the bird’s behavior. Once they start being comfortable with your presence, they will not fly away. As a result, you must maintain your composure and wait patiently for the birds to feel safe.

do binoculars scare birds

How to Choose Binoculars for Bird Watching

There are several factors that you need to consider in birdwatching binoculars. They need strong and clear pictures and a larger field view to view a wider area. It would also help to consider other crucial factors before buying a binocular for birding.


The most important factor is the magnification of binoculars. Since you need clear vision of birds at longer distances, a binocular with 8x to 10x magnification would be good enough. Above that range, it becomes crucial to achieve stable images.

Lens Diameter

The recommended range for lens diameter is 32mm to 42mm. By gathering more light in this way, they will produce a brighter image. It will be challenging to observe birds if you use heavier and larger binoculars to carry over this range effectively.

Field of View

The field of vision of the binoculars is one of the crucial elements that is frequently ignored. It will enable you to keep more birds in sight even if they move a lot. Thus, binoculars with at least 300 feet of field view are recommended for birding.

Focus Wheel

A birder who uses binoculars desperately needs one with an adjustable focus wheel. It makes it simple to move and alter the lens’s position and focus on an object at a longer distance. Binoculars are efficient if the focus wheel turns readily and feels flexible enough.


Smaller binoculars are convenient to carry and helpful for not scaring the birds. It becomes impossible to bring heavy binoculars for a longer period as your neck or shoulder might start hurting. Consequently, it’s crucial to consider a lightweight pair of binoculars.


What to look for in binoculars for bird watching?

You should emphasize the magnification and field view of the binoculars. Moreover, the compact size and focus wheel are the other two main factors of binoculars for bird watching.

What strength of binoculars is best for bird watching?

Binoculars with magnification between 8x to 10x are ideal for bird watching. If you go above that range, you will have to suffer from shaky images. Moreover, the image quality will need to be clearer below this range.

Can you birdwatch without binoculars?

Even though it is not the most important thing, binoculars make birding much easier and enjoyable. They will provide focused and cleared images even at longer distances.


Even though bird watching with binoculars is fun, one of the concerns of birders is do binoculars scare birds. Yes, they can scare the birds away if you are not following a proper manner. Birding can be simple, using a compact binocular and avoiding making extra noises and movements. Birds would become comfortable with your presence and hence won’t fly away.

Invest in the best pair of binoculars and enjoy birding!

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