What is Binocular Vision and Why It Is Important

what is binocular vision

Binocular vision is a very common term but still, many people don’t have the full knowledge about it. So if you are also one of those people who are trying to understand binocular vision then this article is for you.

In today’s article, we will talk about what is binocular vision, its factors, advantages, and disadvantages of binocular vision. So don’t go anywhere if you want to grasp the binocular vision concept.

What Is Binocular Vision what does binocular vision mean & Why It is Important

Have you ever wondered how your eyes work? Or how does your brain differentiate between images? If not then take a moment and think about it. So what do you think? Is it only the eyes that give you the ability to see things? If your answer is no then you are correct. If you look at the term you will get an idea about what binocular vision is.

So “BI” means both and “Ocular” means at the same time. In simple words, binocular vision is seeing things with the coordination of both eyes. The brain merges the images to give you a single image output. If you want to understand it fully then keep on reading this article. We also give some binocular vision examples in this article.

What is Binocular Vision

How Does Binocular Vision Work

You must be feeling curious to know how binocular vision works, right? Always remember both animal and human eyes have binocular vision. Let’s dig in more to understand how this works. Binocular vision involves both eyes or we can say both eyes form the image which is merged by the brain to picture the things in front of you. Therefore, what you see is the combination of information in both eyes. The placement of eyes in humans and animals is different but the process of vision formation is the same in both.

After reading this you might get this question in your head: why combining the image from both eyes is important when you see the same thing from one eye too? The main reason behind this is the detailing and the in-depth perception of your surroundings. The moment the perceived image from both eyes is merged you get to notice even the tiniest detail.

What Factors Are Responsible for Binocular Vision

Just being able to define what is binocular vision is not enough. You should know what factors are responsible for binocular vision. Don’t worry if you don’t know anything about the binocular vision factors because I got you covered. There are two main factors on which binocular vision depends

  • Distance
  • Depth

Although it is believed that you see the same thing from your both eyes, surprisingly this is not true. Your eyes see the same thing but the spacial information of both of them is always different. Your brain interprets the image using distance and depth to have a clear image of what is in front of your eyes. The image information from both eyes is merged and the brain processes this to help you in differentiating the objects and their relationship.

Why Is Binocular Vision Important

You must be thinking why is binocular vision important? Why are some organisms born with monocular vision while others with binocular vision? It is understandable if you have this kind of question in your mind and if you are interested in knowing the answer to this then read ahead. Undoubtedly you need to compromise on the field of vision with binocular vision but the depth perception of this vision is tremendous. Binocular vision is important to distinguish between objects and their relationships.

Advantages of Binocular Vision

Every time we get to know about something we instantly think about how this will benefit us, right? So do you want to know what are the advantages of binocular vision? Or why humans or many other organisms are blessed with binocular vision? If yes then read the below-mentioned points

  • The increase in depth perception is phenomenal
  • Allows three-dimensional vision
  • Being able to see with one eye only if the other is damaged
  • Being able to see beyond an obstacle

Disadvantages of Binocular Vision

Although binocular vision benefits us in a lot of ways, sadly there are a few disadvantages of this vision too. Are you aware of the disadvantages of binocular vision? If not then after reading the following points you will be able to tell the disadvantages of binocular vision on your fingertips. So here you go.

  • Field of vision is decreased
  • Limited focus which means you will be able to focus on one item at a time
  • Susceptible to sight disorders as compared to another vision type

Even though binocular vision has more advantages than disadvantages still this can not outshine the disadvantages. The disadvantages of binocular vision are ominous. You need to compromise on this as there is nothing that you can do as we all are born this way. So it’s better to look at the positive side instead of worrying about its negative aspects.

Binocular Vision Disorder

As discussed earlier binocular vision is prone to many eye diseases this is why early detection of this is crucial to treat the disorder. Coming back to the point, what is binocular vision disorder? Binocular vision disorder is a disorder where individuals are unable to pair the images perceived from both eyes. The vision impairment can make easy daily life tasks like reading, walking, running, etc. difficult for those individuals who suffer from binocular vision disorder.

Symptoms of Binocular Vision Disorder

Diagnosing binocular vision disorder is not easy because of the similarity of symptoms with other diseases. But here is a list of symptoms that you will observe if you are suffering from binocular vision disorder. If your condition fulfills any of the below-mentioned symptoms lists then it’s better to get your eyes checked as soon as possible.

  • Headache, dizziness, and nausea
  • Unsteady walk
  • Feeling anxious while reading or writing
  • Trouble focusing on too many stimuli
  • Restless sleep
  • Double vision (How to Fix Double Vision in Binoculars)
  • Motion sickness

Binocular Vision Test

If you often suffer from any of the above-mentioned symptoms then there is a probability that it could be a binocular vision disorder. An easy way is to get your eyes tested by an ophthalmologist to be sure whether you have this disorder or not. Doctors will perform a binocular vision test on you.

This includes several vision assessments that detect various vision issues to get to the root cause of the symptoms. A binocular vision test is mainly focused on the evaluation of your vision skills which are linked to the reading and learning skills of the individuals. Because of these vision assessments, a binocular vision test is not like a usual eye test.

Binocular Vision Disorder Treatment

Gladly, it is not as bad as it seems. Most vision-related issues, even binocular vision disorder, can be treated with eyesight glasses. In rare cases where glasses are not fixing the vision problem, patients are advised to go for therapy or surgery depending upon their eye condition.


What Is Binocular Vision In Simple Words?

In simple words, it can be defined as using both eyes to form an image or seeing with two eyes together at the same time.

What Is Binocular Vision And Why Is It Important?

Binocular vision is the ability to see from both eyes and form an image by combining spatially different images. Binocular vision is important for focusing and understanding the distance and relationships between objects.

Can Glasses Correct Binocular Vision?

Fortunately, yes many binocular vision problems can be solved by wearing eyesight glasses.

How Can I Improve My Binocular Vision?

The main problem with binocular vision is the focus so to improve that you should practice some focus exercises. For example, focus on a single letter on a pencil or pen then keep on bringing it closer until you see a blurring image. Now take it back to its original position and start again. You should repeat this for 15 minutes at least every day or five days a week. If you perform this regularly you will notice a major difference in your vision.


You must be aware of the term binocular vision. Many organisms including human beings have binocular vision. No worries if you are unaware of this term because I got your back. I will enlist a few important things that you should know about binocular vision below so read ahead.

  • Uses both eyes to form an image.
  • The image received from both eyes is the same but has a spatial difference.
  • The brain merges the received images into a single image.

The above-mentioned points are the basic information about binocular vision. There’s a lot more to it. You can read everything about binocular vision in our article including its importance, advantages, disadvantages, etc. I hope you find the content of our article helpful. Thank you.

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